Skin Repair

Skin Repair

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I developed this oil when I was having surgery in 2012..

Because of the surgery being on my face, for the 4th time, I wanted to make sure that I could minimize the scarring.

I am glad I made it, since my was larger than expected, and the incision went from the top of my cheekbone to my chin.

I faithfully applied this oil to the wound, and the scar, and it healed so rapidly I had people at work clammoring for the oils for themselves.

Now, a year later, I am using the oils on my laugh lines and still periodically on the scar.  The scar is barely noticable and people are finding success with this oil combination for healthy skin.

In a glass roller bottle for easy application.

Ingredients:  Jojoba seed oil - Rosehip oil - Argan oil - Pumpkin seed oil - Black Cumin seed oil - Evening Primrose oil - Olive Squalene - Vitamin E