Sinus Sniffy

Sinus Sniffy

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Ever use those other sniffy's to clear up congestion, but find they burn?

I did..they worked great as long as I didn't mind the stinging sensation in my nose every time I used it.

So with Nic's aromatherapy certificaiton, I begged him to make me something to use.  (I have horrible allergies and sinus')

This is a sinus sniffy (literally stick in your nose and inhale).  It is ONLY essential oils, and is in 3 combinations;

  1. a combination that helps clear up a stuffy nose, and decrease swelling in your sinus cavities. Sinus Sniffy
  2. a combination that helps clear congestion (like with a cold) Breath Easy
  3. a combination for relaxation Relaxing