Father's - A Lesson Learned

With Father's Day right around the corner, I obviusly find myself thinking about my parents, especially my father.  I know it is said that Fathers and their daughters have a special bond.  I firmly believe this.   As I reflect though, I find it interesting the way our relationships change with our parents as we age (notice I don't say mature :D)

My father grew up with a minister for a father and a very proper minister's wife.  Some of my favorite stories are of my father mis behaving, and my mother and my father's sister creating a ruchus..makes them less daunting..

Dad, Elmer, is a pretty quiet man, fairly reserved, and tends toward hermit bahavior if we allow him.  I see much of him in my own behavior.  But he likes to stir the pot, and get everyone going, typically if you watch him, you will see a sparkle in his eye when he is up to no good.. Again, I am told I get the same 'look' when I am up to something.. and I can DEFINITELY see it in my son..

While my sister and I were growing up, we could pretty get what we wanted, I think due to Dad feeling guilty about he and Mom getting divorced.  While there weren't many father/daughter talks, and no times where Dad was a "confidant", there was still NEVER a day that went by that we didn't know how much he loved us.

Dad lost his own father when he was in his mid 40's and his mother about 5 years ago.  After Dad moved out of town, Gram would save any "chores" that needed to be done until Dad would be up for a visit. It always amazed us, since the rest of us were in town (but obviously these were "man tasks" and Dad was the man left in the family).

As my children and my sisters children have been born, we seem to have seen an awakening in our Father.  He seems more comfortable in his skin, and it's easier for him to relate and communicate with them than it was between us.. It's wonderful to watch..

The last 10 years or so, we have had some health scares with Dad, and we are very lucky to still have him with us. Unless you have lived through this, you really don't realize how much you take for granted with your family every day.

I guess what I am trying to say is that regardless of what has occurred in your family's past, or present - time is such a precious thing.. And once your family members are gone..they"re GONE..no going back, no 2nd chances.  So Please make the most of every moment you have together.

And DAD - Happy Father's Day, I wouldn't trade you for anything.. Thank you for all the time, effort, understanding, and love we have received from you over the years.. I only hope my kids know how much I love them, the way I knew..know it with you.

Love You Dadoo..


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