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Sunscreen, do you know the truth??

I am a HUGE advocate of sunscreen, starting at very early ages.. so it becomes a habit.  That being said, I got this great article in email today about 10 sunscreen secrets.. while this isn't new news.. I do expect many of you don't know these things, so I thought I would share it.

Realize that I ONLY use Rocky Mountain Sunscreen, and this is a shopping site, pushing their own online products.. so take the recommendations into account.

Slathering on sunscreen is the best way to ward off evil rays, but don't...

Are you concerned about the safety of your cosmetics and skin care?

Consumer reports has published an article on the back and forth between the FDA and the cosmetics industry leaders.. it's sad to me really - since safety should always be a concern when we are providing products for consumer use.

Below is the article - it's an interesting read.

"Outdated safety rules for the $70 billion cosmetics industry must be overhauled

The FDA has no power to review personal-care products before they go on sale

Published: March 2014
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Study Indicates Correlation between Mold & Asthma for middle aged individuals

As someone that is allergic to mold, and only has Allergy induced Asthma, I found this study interesting..  We all have white vinegar, and borax is available on most store laundry shelves..

According to a new study by the University of Melbourne, by reducing mold in homes, it may be possible to reduce asthma in middle-aged adults. Their health study followed almost 6,000 participants in Tasmania. For middle-aged men, there was a correlation between the recent presence of mold, and "non-allergic" asthma. Men overall are four times more likely to develop asthma than women.

Hydrotherapy Pools - are they all wet??


While I LOVE using float tanks, Nic looks at me like I am a bit of a NUT job!  I thought you might find this article interesting about a community pool in England;

In the English city of Peterborough, over 3,000 people signed a petition with the hopes of keeping open a community hydrotherapy pool. Located in St. Georges Centre, in Dogsthrope, the popular local hydrotherapy pool has been earmarked for closure by the City Council’s budget cuts. If the measure...

Five Ways to Keep Your Skin Moisturized During the Harsh Winter.

I don't know about all of you, but the last month has been hard on my skin.. Itchy and drier than normal - even for winter. Here are some tips to keep yourself soft and supple. :-)

For two weeks, the world watched the best athletes in the world soar down the Sochi slopes on skis and snowboards. To the 3,000 competitors (and the thousands more who’ve ventured to Russia to cheer them on), taking first place in the Olympic Games is the number-one priority. But there’s one even more pressing concern that every athlete and spectator...