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Getting Sick Indoors??

Taking Shelter Indoors Could Lead to a Serious Case of the Sniffles

This winter has been strange, to say the least. The Polar Vortex brought oppressively cold record-breaking temperatures to parts of the United States in January, and ice storms across the South and the East Coast caused all kinds of problems on Valentine’s Day weekend. Right now, there are actually 49 states with snow -- Florida being the anomaly – according to a report from USA Today. Even webcams in Hawaii are showing snow on mountain peaks. Despite all of that,...

Planning new updates to your decor?

So, I am figuring now that I have finished painting every room in the house(over 10 years), that it's time to start over smiley

While I am not a slave to the trends, color choices are of interest to me because it may have some cross over into our soap products.

2014's Hottest Interior Design Trends

The results are in. Patone recently announced the color of the year for 2014, Radiant Orchid, leaving many scrambling to work the vibrant hue into home designs. “The...

What does your Packaging say about your products?

Packaging is one of those things that keeps me up at night.. it has to be perfect, and I have a need to change it every couple of years to keep things fresh.. 

Think about how packaging impacts your daily choices..


Packaging Plays an Important Role for Branding

Building a highly recognizable brand is important for businesses looking to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace, and every company should have some sort of plan. However, constructing a more visible brand is never easy...

What Does Giving Back give back to YOU?

As an frequent visitor of our local thrift stores, I found this very interesting.


Goodwill Helps You Give Back in More Ways Than One

Ask anyone on the street what kind of items Goodwill accepts, and you’re likely to hear many of the same answers. Clothes, shoes, accessories, furniture, appliances, and home decor are all popular items at one of the nation’s largest donation centers. What most people don’t know, however, is that the list goes on. Recyclable materials, like paper, styrofoam, and aluminum are also accepted at Goodwill donation centers, and they,...

SLEEP, and how to do it RIGHT!

I don't know about all of you, but sleep has always been a challenge for still is!  I have special pillows, beds, and a routine and still most of the time I struggle to sleep enough.
Here's some great ideas on what to try if you have sleep challenges like me!
Four Natural Ways to Fall Asleep

Not getting enough sleep is a bigger problem than you may think. At least 70 million Americans suffer from trouble sleeping, with 40 million of that...