Testimonials and Comments   

We love our customers, and we know you'll love us back!

Please take some time and read some of the wonderful comments we have received over the years.

 "I just wanted to let you know that I have completely converted over to your products, soap, face lotion, butters, I suffer from Rosacea and am on a prescription cream, it tends to dry my skin (thank goodness it's only on my cheeks!) I use your face lotion with wine in the morning over my prescription cream and your body butter indulgence in the evening. My face is beautiful! My skin tone has evened out! Prior to this I was using Avon's anti aging, I am so happy I decided to change it, because some of the ingredients in there product was irritating, so I threw all of it away! Your product works! I hope you don't plan to retire any time soon! I would be lost without your high quality products."

"I tried your soap because I was itching my legs every day by the afternoon, I was so dry. I don't have that problem with your soap (I even stopped using it to make sure - and the itching was back). Your products are GREAT!" "Looks fantastic!"

"wow - I love your soaps!!! Put me on the salt bar crumbles list!!"

"I want to eeeaaaattttt them!!!! I'm gonna start swearing again just so I can wash my mouth out with your soap."

"Today I tried one of my Hawaiian salt bars for the first time. The Cucumber-Melon is FABULOUS. I'm definitely getting more of that one!"

"I want some!!!! I also loved that baby bar of soap you sent with my last order. I'm going to order more of that!"

"We received our soap order yesterday. They all smell so good! Can't make up my mind which one to try first!!"

"Got my oils and Soap! Used the body oil today and my legs feel soft already :-)

"Congratulation! I totally agree, the premium Hawaiian salt soap bars are FABULOUS!"

"Your scents have more complexity adn depth to them than I have smelled from other soapers "

"The body butter is absolutely fabulous...what an amazing product...i noticed the difference in my hands immediately and am carrying it around with me everywhere. Thank you!"

I love your soaps - I can't ever run out of that unscented one for my face - It's wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Nothing has ever helped my rosacea more."

"I love the plumeria soap and my next have to try one is the Hawaiian one....oh and the lavender one too :)"

"ok so the honey beer thing might be for men, but i think it's my fav.  it smells so clean!!  hubby loves it as well.  you'll be getting another order from me ever so soon"

"Your pumpkin spice soap is DELICIOUS!"

"Your face cleanser is GREAT, it gets into my beard!"

"Not only do I not have to lotion when I use it(dry body oil) straight out of the shower, but everyone comments on how great I smell.. I LOVE the tropical sunshine!!"

"i am placing an order today- just realized there's wayyy tooo much toxic stuff in my lotions and hair products!!!! (aside from the wonderful LocustGroves products i already own:)"

"Wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE all the soaps I got, hubby does too! I tried the pink smoothie face soap last night and couldn't believe how soft it made my skin!! Can't wait to try some more. Thank You!"

"Loved the tea tree shampoo and conditioner! and the apricot cleanser!"

"We found a very effective use for the man bar.  Our daughter's dog rolled and rolled and rolled in dead fish disgusting slime while they were at the lake.  Nothing we tried would get rid of the stench.  Then I thought of the man bar and it worked.  No more fish odor, just nice smelling dog."