Study Indicates Correlation between Mold & Asthma for middle aged individuals

As someone that is allergic to mold, and only has Allergy induced Asthma, I found this study interesting..  We all have white vinegar, and borax is available on most store laundry shelves..

According to a new study by the University of Melbourne, by reducing mold in homes, it may be possible to reduce asthma in middle-aged adults. Their health study followed almost 6,000 participants in Tasmania. For middle-aged men, there was a correlation between the recent presence of mold, and "non-allergic" asthma. Men overall are four times more likely to develop asthma than women.
The study was unique in that it concentrated on middle-aged individuals; most studies in the past regarding the links between mold and asthma have concentrated in children, according to lead study author John Burgess.
How common is mold in households, exactly? Fairly common. 
According to a study conducted by the Berkeley National Laboratory and the EPA, there are about 22 million people with asthma in the U.S., and almost five million of these cases are attributable to dampness and mold exposure in their households. Mold often spreads during flooding or water damage in a home that occurs after a pipe breaks or an appliance malfunctions, etc. In many mold cases, though, nothing other than damp conditions are enough to get mold growing and releasing spores in a home. A different study in Finland links asthma cases among children with water damage.
How can you reduce or eliminate the presence of mold in your home? There are several ways to approach this problem. If your home ever experiences water damage, call water damage experts immediately so that you can properly dry out or remove anything that has been soaked in your home. Improper treatment allows mold to begin growing under damp carpets and walls. It is also a good idea to check for mold regularly in areas it tends to start growing, such as basements, garages, kitchen appliances, and fireplaces.
You should clean these areas with an anti-mold remedy, in order to discourage re-growth. For a natural way to clean your home, white vinegar is known to be an antifungal agent, as is borax. Organic and natural cleaning solutions are a good idea for pet owners who want to eliminate mold, without potentially exposing their animals to harmful chemicals on the walls, furniture and carpet.

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