Glycerin Soap

We get asked frequently if our soap is "the glycerin stuff". I figured it was time to share some information on Glycerin soaps..

Here is some Great information from a fellow soaper on Glycerin soap:

"Melt n Pour soap is not a "true" soap in the the definitive sense. Glycerin is actually a by-product of the soapmaking process. It is then combined with surfacants to produce a soap base. Melt and Pour Soap Crafting is a process often used by soapmakers. The process differs from the cold process or hot process in that no soap is made, no actual saponification occurs.
Glycerin soapmaking does not give the soaper complete control over the base soap ingredients (i.e., the choice of fats and oils to use). Most soaps do not melt readily once they have saponified; the exceptions are clear glycerin soaps, and white soap made from white coconut oil. Melt and pour bases are typically manufactured from these types of soap. However, this process allows the soapmaker to concentrate more on the aesthetic aspects of soap making.
Melt n Pour glycerin soap normally comes in transparent and opaque (added with Titanium Dioxide). It melts in 60 to 80 degree Celsius and hardens in a short time. It has no smell, easy to mix with any flavor, color and additive. Since glycerin soaps are produce from all ready existing soap bases. These are improved on by adding ingredients, colors and scents.
The glycerin soap can be easily molded into interesting and creative shapes and be made into an endless variety of designs. And most important thing is, this soap can be easily found and being sold in a very cheap price. As a result, many people like to make this soap and claim it as natural soap and sell it in HIGH price!"


The work some crafters do with glycerin soaps are beautiful. And make a wonderful addition for customers to choose from.

The other thing to remember is that Glycerin soap will melt in high if you do purchase some, and leave it sitting in your car, or another warm area (in direct sunlight in a bathroom or kitchen even), you will end up with a warm pile of soap...

At this time we have chosen not to add Glycerin soaps to our product line for LocustGroves. If you are interested in some, though, we can certainly provide you information on where to purchase.

Becky & Nic

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