Caring for Aging Skin

Caring for Aging Skin

Notice how my blogs keep moving along with what I seem to be facing personally?

Interestingly enough these tips are marketed by a large soap manufacturer... see how they call what's commercially produced drying..

Take these steps to prevent dry skin as you age:

Wear sunscreen. Avoid the harmful effects of the sun by using sunscreen year-round, not just in the summer.

Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays ? which cause aging and are known to contribute to skin cancer ? remain constant year-round.

Slather up. As you get out of the shower, put on moisturizer. If you apply moisturizer while skin is still damp, it will help to seal in your natural moisture. Moisturizers that come in bottles with a pump are likely to be thinner; creams and ointments will be thicker.

Skip the soap (commercial soaps that is). Soaps, especially deodorizing bars, can be drying and harsh. Use mild hand made soaps where the glycerin is still included..

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