Children Moving Home

I thought I would share some of our family chos that is going on in our lives for a change. Our daughter is in her first year of college, and was commuting home back and forth to college. At the end of last year we started re-doing her bedroom from the hot pink and black from her "youth".. We didn't even get the room finished and she announced that she was moving out and into a house with her friends near college.

So...while I was sad to have her go, I figured it was a good idea for her to understand what it was like to be out on her own(i just didn't expect it so soon). She found a job out there, gave notice to her job here, and we packed her up (in several trips) and moved her out. It has been odd, but also kind of nice for Nic and I being alone.. as we have never been alone since we met, the kids have always been here..we loved that, but began to realize this new freedom was also pretty cool! Our daughter loved living with her friends, then began to have the issues you would expect living with any group of 19 year olds. The calls from her talking about what was going on just broke my heart.

NOW, this weekend, we are moving our daughter back home.. because shows begin sunday and don't let up until December...seriously.. December... Which means last weekend and this week was finishing her room that we had started..refinishing the floor, touching up the walls, getting a closet organizer... It will be another adjustment for Nic and I, but we will be glad to have our girl home..

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