Owning a Business is Hard

Those of you that own a business understand how dificult and stressful it is to own and manage a small business. There are highs and lows, sometimes in the same day! Well, last night we received a reminder email from one of our customers of why we are doing this.

This business was started because I knew there had to be others out there in the world that had skin like ours, and our families. Here it is - I have removed our customer's name for their privacy.. "I just wanted to let you know that I have completely converted over to your products, soap, face lotion, butters, I suffer from Roscea and am on a prescription cream, it tends to dry my skin (thank goodness it's only on my cheeks!) I use your face lotion with wine in the morning over my prescription cream and your body butter indulgence in the evening. My face is beautiful! My skin tone has evened out! Prior to this I was using Avon's anti aging,

 I am so happy I decided to change it, because some of the ingredients in there product was irritating, so I threw all of it away! Your product works! I hope you don't plan to retire any time soon! I would be lost without your high quality products. Thanks for making such a superb product. I love it! I have told family and friends all about it! The fast service too!! Thanks again!" Thank you "B" for sending this, it reminds me that we are here to help people, and that we are actually achieving our goal! And NO we aren't retiring any time soon!!


Becky & Nic

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