Memorial Day & Family Fun

This holiday weekend many families are getting together for fun and frolicing, ours included.. Due to Memorial Day being tomorrow, and my sugery this last week; this is also a time that has me reflecting on my time in the army, overseas for Desert Storm, and what our service members and families are going through today, and the inherent value of life

Mackenzie, Nic & I are in Pennsylvania visiting my father, stepmother, sister and her family.  My neice, Hannah, is along for the ride.  It's always a great visit, late nights, laughing, tons of eating and some shopping all crammed into a couple days together.  Our schedule won't allow us to get down here again until maybe Thanksgiving weekend - but even that is iffy. 

The kids always have fun together, as they are close in age..My sister has 3 children, Alyssa(21), Brent(20) and Xian(13)..My two are Mackenzie(19) and Dakota(18), and rounding out the team Hannah(12).  The girls all went shopping yesterday for matching dresses for a vow renewal occuring this summer.  They all look great, found a really cute dress..  

It's dificult to get Hannah into a dress, much less a pink dress, but she did it for Aunt Ami with no complaints or faces - none of them are fans of the dresses, so I am proud of all of them!

As I am writing, Ami, Tim & the kids are all getting ready for church. Once again, the girls are in dresses :-)

Today we will visit our favorite chocolate shop, to make sure we have goodies to take back to New York with us.  These are the times we enjoy, with our families, goofing around, just enjoying being together.  When I was in the service, I was young, and of course was invincible.  Now, when I look back at what went on during the war, I am thrilled to have gotten home, healthy and ready to start my life.  So many other families aren't this lucky.  Memorial Day to them isn't a day of barbeques, family and laughter, but a time of reflection and mourning the loss of their children and family members.

So here is my thank you to the families that have suffered so that my family can endure and thrive.   Your sacrifice is not unnoticed.

Please take a moment this Memorial Day, reflect, remember those that have served and not come home.  Maybe do something nice for a neighbor that has lost someone.  Unfortunately, today, we don't have to look far to find them.

Becky & Nic

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