Customer Service - lessons learned

A couple days ago, I left home at an ungodly hour of the morning to begin a journey to Las Vegas for an IT conference (my day job).  I haven't had to fly for business in several years, so I was wondering what has changed (I used to go out of town frequently). 

Rochester Airport is relatively small and easy to get through security, of course there is the whole do I need to take my laptop out, take my shoes off, make sure my liquids are in a baggle nonsense..  Luckily I has assistance from a friendly TSA agent.  I can honestly say that group has done some training in the last few years.  As to the flight crew, there wasn't anything there to speak of either bad or good..they did their jobs efficiently and were able to get both flights arriving a couple minutes early.

By the time I touched down in Vegas, I had been travelling for 8 hours, tack another 1.5 by the time I got to the hotel.  We got back late Sunday night from a show in Ithaca, and was running on very little sleep, and by this time I was exhausted.. I had my fingers crossed that a room was going to be available since it wasn't 3pm check in yet.

I got into the Mirage, and headed to the check in desk, which was really weird.. there didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the flow to the assistants.  When I got up to the desk, there were no rooms available (as I saw the woman next to me leave to get into a room).. Grrrr.. so I checked in my bags and took my very heavy purse to walk around Las Vegas...  They took my cell number to text me when a room was available.

That was definitely not the right decision... I ended up very hot, miserable, and with sores on my feet from my shoes...When I returned, I found I didn't have my luggage tag to claim it.  So I spoke to the desk, and gave them a description of the bags (one was my laptop).  Several calls later, when they could not find them, and I was beginning to panic, I got a knock on my door...

YEAH!!! they found my bags.. I was downright Gleeful!

I guess the point for me is that it really is the simple things that make a difference.  A smile, not giving up, and generally enjoying what you do every day.  It rubs off, and makes your customers appreciate you, and the company you work for.

More to come!!

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