Finding Time to think

So I am at HP Discover this week in Las Vegas.. The kickoff was Monday and the closing ceremony is tonight (with a Cheryl Crow/Don Henley concert that I will miss since I am flying out on a red eye tonight).

I have sessions ongoing throughout the day, each day, and while most of them are not trememdously worth while, the ability to speak with vendors and other people from around the globe in IT has been valuable.

For me, and I suspect it would be for others, the best part of the week in Vegas is not the warm weather, not the wining and dining, not the shows, and not even the ability to meet other people.  The best part of the week for me is to have some downtime for my brain.

Don't take that the wrong way.. I am not being a slug, but instead by being unplugged from my 18 hour days at home, I find myself able to be creative again.  I have figured out some new ways for us to tackle some large problems back in the office.  I am excited about doing that, and more so, am excited about selling those ideas for increased productivity and continuing to examine the possibilities with others back in the office.

So.. my question to you is..

When do you get creative time?  When do you schedule time to solve problems? 

For my soap business, it is lovely because when I am working in the lab, unless I am developing a new product, I don't have to focus trememdously and my mind can relax.

That is when the best AHA moments occur.. When a new product is envisioned.. In the office at my day job, for me, as well as for probably 80% of the other people I work with in IT there is such a long laundry list of what needs to be completed, that there really is not the ability to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, to really think about how to identify the problem, and develop new ideas to solve them..

So.. THANK you Greg, for allowing me this opportunity to help us solve some problems..even though I wasn't in the office to do so.


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