Customer Service - lessons learned II

I decided to break my trip into several sections on customer service experiences, to keep the articles brief and easy reads.

Luckily for both you and the people I am discussing, this section (post arrival) has great reviews, and opportunities for us all to learn from..

In a nutshell - I have observed that great customer service doesn't mean you have to go over the top, it really is the simple things that set Great service apart from other experiences.

Remember the mantra KISS - well that couldn't be more true in the service industry.  AND Vegas is Built on the service industry - so far, i would have to say, they set the bar VERY HIGH for other cities to compare.  Here are some examples;

In my hotel, the Mirage - of course there are many workers present throughout the day and takes a lot to keep a hotel and casino running 24/7.  But Not once, did I see a single worker throughout my stay that didn't smile and greet me, no matter what they were doing.  That makes me feel valued.. And that's what customer service is about.

I of course wandered around Vegas (I even have blisters and heat rash to show for it), and decided to wander through the Fashion Mall.  I decided to wander through the women's clothing department in 2 stores.  Neiman Marcus and Dillard's.  While neither experience was poor.  My experience in Neiman Marcus stood out.  First of all, the woman working in the department was actually someone that wears women's size clothing.  I don't think I can explain how much that puts other woman at ease when they are shopping.  REALLY, who wants to make fashion requests when you are in a plus size department to someone that obviously doesn't know what the word PLUS size means.. it's uncomfortable, and I don't know why more retail stores don't realize it.  But what set this saleswoman apart was that she made a personal connection with me.  As soon as I had something in my hand and was wandering around, she introduced herself, got my name, and "started" a fitting room for me.  As other items were selected, she was right there to take them off my hands.  When I was trying things on, I just had to call her name, and she would find me a different size.  Again, no judgement, no disappearing act, she made her customers feel comfortable and that they were valued.  Because of that alone, I can't wait to go into another Neiman Marcus.

So in my business, I will continue to strive for that honesty, integrity, and great customer service that make my customers feel valued.. Because of course, without our customers, we cease to exist.

Please let us know if we have the opportunity to improve our service to you!

Thank you

Becky & Nic

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