hp Discover 2012

I am sitting in the expo center for the conference, charging electronics..

"Make it Matter".  This is the slogan for hp's IT conference this year.  If you are going to do something, make it matter.

What a thought..How many of us find ourselves doing things throughout the day that we don't think  matter, to others and definitely ourselves..

So, why do we continue to do them..??

  • Because we always have?
  • Because someone asked a while ago? 
  • Because we are filling our time? 

Wouldn't your life be more fulfilling if everything you did mattered?  I LOVE this slogan..

In one of the videos during the kick off, there were snippets strung together of several employees reading the following;

Why do you do what you do? Why do you put in the  work? Why do you make the effort? You do what you do because it matters.  Because it's important. Little things. Big things. Little things that add up to big things.  At HP, the things that matter to you, matter to us. We don't just believe in the power of technology. We believe in the power of people when technology works for them.  To help you create. To make digital tangible,. To harness the power of information. To advance the way we live and work. To do things that matter. If you're going to do something, make it matter.

Man, the marketing people hit it out of the park with that..

Now some of this could be hype, we will know in the future.  But based on what the CEO, Meg Whitman, spoke of, the projects HP has participated in with their partners, and the vision that they seem to be successfully driving toward, and the people I have spoken to this week, I have a hard time believing very many employees at HP aren't fully committed to making sure that they "make it matter".

In today's IT world, it is less about hardware than ever before, and the value of applications is also on a downward spiral.. Today, content is KING, and what a business does with that data, content, and how successful they are using it will determine how successful they become or remain.  Many large businesses cannot see the forest for the trees, and will be doomed for failure if they continue to do business in the same way.  If we do not adapt to how our employees and next generations of customers create and consume this content, then we will not retain the best and brightest, and in the long run will not be around to compete in any fashion.

So, back to the slogan..

I know where I am headed, but the question is..What are you doing to "make it matter"? 

Becky & Nic

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