Ear Candling - what is it and is it safe?

I am seeing a lot of spa offerings and websites offering a service for an ancient Egyptian technique called Ear Candling (or the supplies to do it yourself).

It is being touted as a way to clean ear wax from your ear canal and other impurities.  Some even tout it being able to help with sinus infections and hearing loss.

Of course, you know I have to search like crazy to see what all the buzz is about, and here is in general what i have found out.

The process involved burning a cone of fabric, dipped in candle wax in your ear.

It is supposed to create a vacuum of sorts to pull the wax and impurities from your ear canal.

Both the FDA and Quackswatch have articles showing that this just isn't true, and in fact can push wax further back in your ear, burn you, drop wax onto your ear drum, etc.

Here are links to the articles..



In my opinion, there are much better spa services to spend your money on devil


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