Skin Problems & Natural Solutions

Natural Solutions to Your Skin's Biggest Problems

Like it or not, we live in a beauty-obsessed culture. We clamor for procedures and products that help us accentuate our best features, and thanks to the marvels of modern science, they aren’t so unattainable. In 2009, more than $620 million was spent on laser resurfacing treatments in the U.S., and the amounts spent on cosmetics, creams, and procedures were undoubtedly just as significant. Though we are constantly layering more products onto our skin and looking for ways to trick the eye, the truth is that natural beauty starts someplace simple -- our complexions.

Poor skin health is detrimental to your look, often making you appear old or unhealthy. Fortunately, the best treatments for the symptoms of unhealthy skin are pure and natural. Our list of common skin problems will help you figure out what’s going on with your body, and our natural suggestions will help you remedy those problems. It’s simple, natural, and clear!


The Look: Blotchy, uneven skin

The Cause: Sleep deprivation, dehydration, or malnourishment

The Solution: It’s easier to get rid of uneven skin than you might think. Stick to a sleep schedule that gets you eight hours a night, focus on staying hydrated throughout the day, and think about adding a multivitamin to your diet. Nutrient-rich creams and soaps can also help get your skin back on track.


The Look: Saggy skin on the neck

The Cause: Lack of elasticity in your sensitive skin

The Solution: Find a natural moisturizer containing peptides for collagen production. In the meantime, draw attention away from your decolletage by wearing tops with ruffles or prints, or by wearing long necklaces.


The Look: Acne

The Cause: Overproduction or oil and/or irregular shedding of dead skin cells

The Solution: A two-part problem needs a two-part solution. The first step is to keep your face from becoming too oily. Wash your face regularly, using an oil-free cleanser, and follow up with an oil-free moisturizer. Avoid wearing full face makeup, but if you must, be sure to choose an oil-free foundation. The second step is to exfoliate. Every other day, wash your face with a washcloth to help dead skin get out of the way.



The Look: Wrinkles and fine lines

The Cause:  Loss of collagen and elasticity

The Solution: This one’s all about prevention. Make sure you incorporate antioxidants, sunscreen, and retinoids into your daily face care routine. Look for products with natural skin-tighteners, like peptides.


The Look: Dry, chapped lips

The Cause: Dehydration from smoking, lip-biting, or sun exposure

The Solution: Exfoliate, moisturize, and repeat. Soft toothbrushes and washcloths are perfect for sloughing dead skin off your sensitive lips, and lip balms, petroleum jelly, and medicated ointments can restore the hydration they’re missing.


The Look: Flaky, or scaly skin

The Cause: Extremely dry weather

The Solution: Pick up a natural moisturizer, and apply it regularly. Your skin gets thirsty, and it needs regular help in order to stay soft and smooth. If you venture into the sun, be sure to apply a moisturizing sunscreen, or your flaky skin might turn into red, sore, flaky skin.


You might have noticed a common theme throughout our list of solutions. The reason we keep recommending natural products is that your skin craves them. The cells in your skin have been programmed since the dawn of time to interact with organic, naturally occurring elements and molecules. Your skin knows what to do with natural substances like peptides, collagen, water, and retinoids. It’s ready to drink them in and use them to restore function and beauty. If your skin isn’t looking healthy, there’s a natural reason, and where there’s a natural reason, there’s bound to be a natural solution.

What’s your skin telling you?

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