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Are you concerned about the safety of your cosmetics and skin care?

Consumer reports has published an article on the back and forth between the FDA and the cosmetics industry leaders.. it's sad to me really - since safety should always be a concern when we are providing products for consumer use.

Below is the article - it's an interesting read.

"Outdated safety rules for the $70 billion cosmetics industry must be overhauled

The FDA has no power to review personal-care products before they go on sale

Published: March 2014
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Brazillian Blow outs present Health Risks

Brazilian Blowouts present health risks!

Here is an article from one of my cosmetic groups that I monitor... Please read closely. I do not want any of you to risk your health for looks, there are always safer options;

Congressional Leaders Urge FDA for Quick Action against Toxic Hair Treatments

Nothing frizzes up hair like summer's heat and humidity. So when keratin-based hair straighteners like Brazilian Blowout made their way up from South America, they seemed like the answer for women who are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a smooth do.

But at least 10 members...