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Triclosan - in the news

From our Special Chem partners - here is their article recently about Triclosan - an ingredient used in MANY consumer products..

TORONTO, ON -- The first data on levels of the chemical triclosan were released recently to reveal widespread body pollution in Canadian adults. Seven of eight people tested had the antibacterial chemical in their bodies-with levels higher than those toxic to fish and algae.

Environmental Defence, which conducted the test, says the high prevalence of the chemical means it's time to ban it from household use. This backs up an earlier call from the...

Sustainable Palm Oil

Sustainable Palm Oil in the Industry

While here at LocustGroves we are a Palm oil free shop, we do support any and all green practices in the industry. Specific to Palm oil, the Industry has made good strides.

The first one million hectares of certified land for sustainable palm production marks "a turning point" for industry, according to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

Palm oil, palm kernel oil and their derivatives are present in about 70 per cent of cosmetic and personal care products and with global demand fuelling unsustainable growth of the palm industry over the past...