Monoi de Tahiti oil

Monoi oil

Monoi de Tahiti is a precious and exotic cosmetic oil, manufactured in Polynesia, according to a French Government Decree, which explicitly describes the process by which this oil must be made.

The oil is created by soaking/macerating 10 Tiare flowers, which must come from French Polynesia, per litre of refined coconut oil for a minimum of 10 days. LocustGroves purchases only authentic Monoi de Tahiti carries an "Appellation of Origin" guarantee and is produced under very controlled manufacturing methods to ensurethe highest quality oil. Monoi de Tahiti is an extraordinary oil for skin and hair care. It has been shown to penetrate and hydrate the skin rapidly and reduce trans-epidermal water loss. is infused oil made from soaking the petals of Tahitian gardenias (tiare) in a semi-wax coconut oil.

Monoi (pronounced Mah-noy) is an ancient Tahitian word meaning "scented oil" in the reo-maohi language. Monoi is widely used among French Polynesians as a skin and hair softener. It is also popular in Europe and gaining recognition in the United States. Today?s market place is rife with monoi oil imitations. Authentic Tahitian monoi oil follows a strict manufacturing code that oversees the entire process from hand picking the tiare flowers to storage and shipping of the final product.

We use Monoi in our face lotion, and it's ultra fabulous!!

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