Back in the Saddle soap

Back in the Saddle soap

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Saddle Soap - Leather Cleaner/Protector


For all your fine leather goods..

Leather aficionados who want to keep their prized boots, bags, shoes, belts, chairs, harnesses, and saddles in top condition need saddle soap. Not only does it clean away dirt and grit that dull leather's luster, but it also supplies the oils and waxes essential for long-lasting suppleness and protection.

When you use the saddle soap, have two soft flannel cloths on hand. Soak and wring out one until almost dry, dip it into the soap, and rub the leather with a firm circular motion. Rinse that cloth in warm water, wring out, and then use it to remove any excess lather. Use the second dry cloth to polish the leather to a soft luster. . . and say good-bye to ugly-looking leather goods!

Ingredients; Vegetable soap, Olive oil, Locally produced Beeswax, Tea Tree Essential oil,

8oz wide mouth container