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Dandruff - Did you know?

Dandruff - Did you know?

According to an essential oil expert (Robert Tisserand);

Every day we lose dead skin cells from our scalp, and when more than usual are lost they clump together forming the white or grey flakes we call dandruff. Dandruff can form when the scalp is either too dry or too oily. Recently a fungus called Pityrosporum ovale, which lives naturally on the scalp, has been implicated in the development of dandruff.

Tea tree oil is active against Pityrosporum ovale and in a clinical trial, a 5% tea tree oil shampoo proved to...

Brazillian Blow outs present Health Risks

Brazilian Blowouts present health risks!

Here is an article from one of my cosmetic groups that I monitor... Please read closely. I do not want any of you to risk your health for looks, there are always safer options;

Congressional Leaders Urge FDA for Quick Action against Toxic Hair Treatments

Nothing frizzes up hair like summer's heat and humidity. So when keratin-based hair straighteners like Brazilian Blowout made their way up from South America, they seemed like the answer for women who are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a smooth do.

But at least 10 members...

Caring for Aging Skin

Caring for Aging Skin

Notice how my blogs keep moving along with what I seem to be facing personally?

Interestingly enough these tips are marketed by a large soap manufacturer... see how they call what's commercially produced drying..

Take these steps to prevent dry skin as you age:

Wear sunscreen. Avoid the harmful effects of the sun by using sunscreen year-round, not just in the summer.

Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays ? which cause aging and are known to contribute to skin cancer ? remain constant year-round.

Slather up. As you get out of the...

BEWARE - Fall Scents & Spices in Your Skin Care

Did you know?

 Some of our favorite fall scents can actuall caue problems for your skin...

Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Clove all have special usage rates for use in skin care products.  And not just for scents, also as additives.  And it might not bother you at first.   Though non-toxic, these essential oils are skin irritants and potentially skin sensitizers.

Cinnamon is not to be used with pregnant women or children under the age of six years. Also, do not use Cinnamon Leaf if you are on blood thinning medications. Since this oil often causes skin irritation, it is not recommend using Cinnamon Leaf essential...

Whole Foods now requires organic Certification from their suppliers

Whole Foods - Organic Certification required

Personal care packaging: Whole Foods Market to require certification for all personal care products labeled 'organic' --

Packaging Digest, 6/22/2010 12:31:01 PM

Whole Foods Market announced today that all personal care products and cosmetics making an "organic" claim sold in its U.S. stores must be third-party certified by June 1, 2011.

Under the new policy, all products making an "organic" product claim (e.g. "organic shampoo") must be certified to the USDA's National Organic...